Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pre-Flight-Assistan - Manila

July 24, 2018

Job Description
  • Perform Call-out to all affected passengers based on the approved parameter due to planned/ad-hoc cancellation and scheduled change. Apply applicable Service Recovery Option
  • Execute KPI in effective and timely manner.
  • Perform special tasks given such as, Balance Owing, Duplicate Booking, FIM, Email Assistance in timely and properly manner. This is in conformance to SOP, Report to be delivered in time
  • Extract report and manage call-out to passengers with pending payment 24 hours and 72 hours prior the ETD in conformance to SOP
  • Extract report and manage call-out to passengers with duplicate booking 48 hours prior the ETD in conformance to SOP
  • Process Flight Interruption Manifest guest from other airline request in conformance to SOP
  • Respond on all email inquiries in reference to SOP, Procedure and Policy, and company procedure
  • Attend Briefing at OCC; execute necessary to Ad-hoc Flight Disruptions.
  • Send email to all concerned channels notifying following data
    • Date and Time of SMS/Email Notification
    • Affected Route and its Alternative
    • Applicable SRO
  • Extract Manifest and Inventory Capacity for ad-hoc flight disruptions in conformance to SOP
  • Manage SMS/Email Notification to affected passengers based on our parameter on Cancellation and Re-time using the approved template.
  • Assist call coming from preflight official phone number diligently and with proper protocol
  • Request approval from team leader and executive in reference to handled transaction
  • Know, understand and apply the terms and condition of the Company and the Air Passenger Bill of right
  • Adhere instructions and work delegation from the Team Leader and Executive, Manager and HOD within or out of Preflight Scope of Work but within the company’s benefit.
  • Follow house rules, standard operating procedures and company policy